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Check List

10 things to check prior to making a service call for your heater:

  • 1. Is the gas turned on at the meter and heater?
  • 2. Is the pool full of water, half way up the skimmer?
  • 3. Is the pump and filter running?
  • 4. Is there power to the heater?
  • 5. If you have a Milivolt heater, is the pilot lit?
  • 6. Have you checked the skimmer and pump baskets for any blockage, or debris? (e.g. leaves, bags, small creatures)
  • 7. Have you backwashed your filter or have you checked your cartridge filters for blockage?
  • 8. Is there flow back to your pool?
  • 9. Have you checked your pool chemistry?
  • 10. When was your heater serviced last? Manufacturers recommend a service yearly.
  • If you still require service please call us 416-657-2828

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